Kambô is a secretion of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog – Phyllomedusa Bicolor – that is used in traditional rituals by some of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest.

Indigenous traditions with Kambô are believed to support spiritual purification, liberation from “Panema” energy, and connection with the benelovent spirit of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog.

Kambô is not psychoactive, there are no legal restrictions on Kambô anywhere in the world, and it is safe when given by traditional methods. Kambô is applied through small holes burned into the surface of the skin. Kambô induces a strong detoxifying purge and is, therefore, a challenging process that is best received in a safely-held and compassionate setting.

Benjamin Mudge is an empathic Kambô Ceremony facilitator who provides a sacred energetic healing ritual with compassionate guidance. Mudge has worked with Kambô since 2010, and is trained by indigenous Brazilians. Amazonian tribes revere this frog as sacred, and Mudge facilitates a truly sacred ceremony incorporating indigenous spiritual traditions, intention, prayer, and sacred music.

Normally there are group ceremonies happening in London every month, and occasionally in other UK cities, but these are currently postponed until after lockdown finishes and it is safe for groups to gather. Bookings can now be made for Kambô Ceremonies in Forest Row, East Sussex: only for individuals or couples, housemates or close friends who are within the same “bubble” in terms of COVID-19 safety. The small ceremonies in Forest Row are an opportunity to go deeper into the process with Kambô than in a larger group, because there is plenty of time and attention, and also the possibility of making it a little retreat from the city, going for a walk in the Ashdown Forest afterwards etc.

Benjamin Mudge

Kambô Ceremony Facilitator

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The Kambô ceremony facilitated by Mudge exceeded any expectation I had. Mudge is a very caring facilitator and I can’t think of someone else I would trust with guiding me through such an intense experience. One can tell how competent and sincere Mudge is with his work by all the heart he puts into it. A few days prior, we received a comprehensive email about how to prepare for the ceremony. Mudge was very helpful in answering all my questions and calming my nerves in the days leading up to the ceremony.

I really enjoyed the structure of the ceremony. Mudge started by giving us a history of Kambô and how it was first discovered by the indigenous tribe in the Amazon. He also gave us an overview of how the rest of the world caught on to this fascinating medicine. Mudge also spoke to us about his training and experience with the tribes with which Kambô ceremonies originated in the Amazonian jungle. I personally found this bit very comforting as it reassured me that this medicine is safe, when administered by an experienced and knowledgable facilitator. Mudge also spoke to us about the mechanics of this medicine, which served to reassure me further that I am in good hands. Mudge was very caring and genuine in guiding us through the journey with the medicine, I truly felt I was supported from the moment I arrived till I left. He provided us with all the necessary natural supplements (all which were of the best quality) to maximize our experience and help us in optimizing our wellbeing. Before leaving, Mudge made sure to equip us with the information we needed for proper aftercare and he reminded us that he is available to address any questions or concerns we might have beyond the ceremony.

I found the traditional ceremony songs which Mudge sang in accompaniment with his guitar really enriching to the experience. If Mudge did not have the level of training that he has, we would not have had the chance to experience what I perceived to be an authentic Kambô ceremony (given that we are in London and not in the Amazon).

My main intention for the Kambô ceremony was to quit smoking, a gruelling habit I have tried and failed to break for 5 years. I had already managed to not smoke a week before the ceremony, however, I was not sure how much longer I would last. Today, I am going into my second smoke free month! I was offered a cigarette a month after Kambô and I put it in my mouth but was physically unable to light it up! Another thing I noticed right after Kambô is how much my skin had cleared up. Prior to the ceremony, my forehead looked like the Rocky Mountains and just a day after Kambô my skin looked like the surface of the moon! I wondered whether or not it could be a placebo effect, however, the physical changes I experienced after the ceremony lead me to conclude that there is something really special about this medicine.

I personally have a lot of respect and admiration for Mudge as a human and I am really inspired by his work ethics. Honestly, I would have been hesitant to sign up for a Kambô experience if the facilitator was someone else. Thank you Mudge for adding so much positivity in this world! 


As you might remember I was totally new to this experience, and at the very beginning of my journey of discovery.  I had little idea of what to expect and was quite anxious. I had read about the benefits of the medicine, and what I may experience, however until you have experienced it yourself you cannot really fully understand. 

I do not trust people easily, and as soon as I met you I thought, what a cool guy! You put me at ease and explained everything, from what you put in the water beforehand, and why this is necessary, and explained what was going to happen. You answered any questions, and I felt that you were very knowledgeable and experienced. I knew I had come to the right place! 

I was totally re-assured by your methods and when I did the ceremony I felt confident that nothing adverse would happen. When I had the frog medicine you told me to allow it into my body and let it flow through me, which I did. It is the most unusual feeling I have ever had. You looked after everybody and made sure we were all OK, which we were. 

I would say for a few days afterwards I felt quite emotional, and my spirit felt lifted. I have been experiencing lower back pain, which prior to the ceremony felt really tight and uncomfortable. About two days after the ceremony I realised the pain had gone, and I felt a release in that area. I think it may have been something I was holding onto and the medicine released it. My back continues to be pain free and I do not feel that tightness anymore. I have even cancelled the treatment I was receiving for it.

So thank you very much for looking after me and allowing me to go through this experience. I will hopefully see you again as I step out of my comfort zone from time to time!

Take care


My experience of the Kambô ceremony which you facilitated was life-changing, literally. I had no idea it would have such a profound effect on my life and so immediately!  I came out of Kambô with a recommitment to My life’s path – no more if’s, buts, when and possibly – a 100 percent Yes – it’s now or never ‘feeling’.  Wow… to say that my life is transformed is true.

It has thrown out any lingering depression. It has reconfigured my brain, neural pathways and nervous system – It is like giving yourself a reboot and restart. I feel fabulously clean and have energy I haven’t had in years. I feel like the Kambô went in, tracked my entire system and threw out all the unnecessary toxins and debris of the past that was holding me back on the mental, emotional and physical levels. I feel clearer, brighter and more relaxed.

Since then I have been feeling more open, more alive to Life – I have renewed my contracts and commitments I wish to give my life too. I feel an upsurge of support within and without.I feel protected by the green light of the Kambô Frog – it’s quite palpable to meI no longer feel alone but living in an awareness of a deeper birthing of community and support, walking in integrity and compassion.

My intentions were to face my fears – to release all the obstructions that were in the way of me living my passion I am making myselfimportant – taking care of my needs and nurturing my passions. I am taking back my Happiness and allowing myself to rest, nurture and feed myself. There is my life before Kambô and after Kambô ~ I feel  like “I am back” from some long journey: re-energized, re- inspired and with a deeper sense of faith.

You conducted the ceremony impeccably.  I was deeply grateful that the Kambô ceremony was held in reverence, prayer and Ceremony. I felt held by your altar and the reminder to focus on our Prayers and Intents. I was at first reluctant to share the space with many others and was pleasantly surprised at how very beautiful it is to feel the support and care of our Brothers and Sisters – how held I felt by the Community formed throughout  the day. Everybody was so beautifully attentive and caring.


My experience of the Kambô ceremony which you facilitated was not as terrifying as I had imagined it would be. Although the medicine is very strong and can overpower your physical body, I felt mentally in control during the experience and self-assured that I would not come to any harm. 


Since then I have been feeling more clarity of mind, energy, and personal empowerment. The medicine helped me to overcome obstacles and fears in my life…

I was given the opportunity to meditate on my intentions and express them to the group, and my individual health issues were taken into consideration when determining the medicine dosage.

You conducted the ceremony with professionalism and duty of care in mind. Everything about the origins and uses of the medicine was explained in detail, with people given the opportunity to ask questions or express concerns. We were given precise instructions to prepare ourselves and the ceremony was conducted to ensure personal safety was prioritised.


As someone who has a fair bit of experience in these realms, I’d been looking for a while for the right opportunity to work with someone I knew I could rely on and trust – to not only be able to hold space for us all but patiently and skillfully facilitate what most would consider a potentially challenging experience – and when Mudge said he was holding ceremony I jumped at it.  Having completed it and come out the other end, I am very grateful for having received this life enhancing medicine.  Thank you Mudge.


Feeling much better since the ceremony. Thank you! My experience of the Kambô which you facilitated was quite profound. 

Firstly, I felt safe, nurtured and supported in the environment you’ve created and the way in which you facilitated and held the space. Personally, I find this crucial for the work, especially given the state of vulnerability that this medicine induces. You helped me work with my fears and let them go, which was significant. Since then I’ve been feeling physically stronger and grounded, spiritually more in the present moment and feeling connected to source. Emotionally, less attached to the chronic pain and managing it better.

My intentions for the ceremony have been to let go of the nagging fear that my pain will never fully go away and the worry/anxiety around it. It is still early days but I feel they have been addressed in the way of less attachment to these fears, more hope and belief in my healing path and the future.

You conducted the ceremony in such a beautiful, professional, supportive way; giving each person as much time needed for their personal process and recovery. The songs you sang, the sacred atmosphere and you fully being there for me, was incredible. Much gratitude,


Everyone was given the time and care to go through the healing at their own pace. Everyone was cared for. You conducted the ceremony in a caring and informative way so we all knew what was going to happen and, yes, “no pain no gain” was told to everyone but I felt safe and knew that I was in safe hands. Many thanks for a great healing ceremony.

Since then I have been feeling like I have cleaned my skin and eyes. I worked with chemicals that burnt my skin and eyes and 1 chemical has 300 known carcinogenics but we where not told this until about 10 years later. I feel like it has cleaned out the pores of my skin and my skin feels clean and softer. My eyes always felt like they have grit or dirt in them and the eye drops seemed to wash this out. I work shift work and my body clock is most probably out of whack. I always felt tired at about 1 or 2 o’clock day and night shift and my eyes would be tired but now I am finding that this is not happening.

My intention for the ceremony was to let the medicine heal what it found to heal in me but I did not really know what it would find and, yes, I now realise that cleaning out these chemicals is a great healing. I also have a mild form of prostate cancer which until I have a blood test will not know if the medicine has also worked on removing that.


The Kambô ceremony which you facilitated was a very caring and safe place which clearly has caused similarly caring people to return again and again.

Since then I have been feeling brilliant – I woke up on Monday with a real feeling that a line accessing my inner strength and growth had not just been crossed but jumped.

Yes, I feel much stronger in the areas I was looking to improve on. 

You conducted the ceremony with clear empathy, skill and diligence.It was well worth it and I’m sure I will be back for another session.


I experienced the Kambô Frog medicine only a few weeks ago and I am blown away at the whole experience!

The energy that Mudge created there for us was incredible. His intention of pure love for our journey was something I have not seen before. He was there in total love and understanding of everyone’s needs and their vulnerabilities!

I found my own experience to be not as hard as I watched the others go through, but yet I have incredible strength within myself since! I have been standing up for what I deserve and saying how I feel! My anxieties have dropped and I feel much more at peace with many things!

I feel the energy of the Frog with me as I am still experiencing the most profound dreams! I am a medium, so I have always been getting messages in my dreams from Spirit but now they are very different and more specific. 

I feel that what Mudge is doing to help people is extraordinary and I feel blessed to have had his help in my journey of self-discovery!

Love and Light


Benjamin Mudge was recommended to us by the Huni Kuin shamans themselves as they trained him in Brazil to have a Kambô experience, I do not know how you get a better reference than that.

He has a deep connection with the medicine and a respect for it and is one of the first to bring the medicine beyond the Amazon firstly to Australia and now London.

Mudge is well respected by the indigenous people and is instrumental in gaining them recognition for their practises as illustrated by his work bringing them the Parliament of Religions. He is not about monetising these sacred medicines.

I was immediately at ease as an atmosphere of safety and empathy was created during the ceremony by Mudge, it was a tough experience but very worth it and I have already had a second ceremony and would recommend doing Kambô here to anyone as Mudge understands the medicine biochemically as well as spiritually and will keep you safe.

He is also an excellent musician, singer, great cook and a kind soul. Enjoy meeting the frog.


Mudge very kindly facilitated a one on one ceremony for me as I was a little anxious about undergoing the process in the company of others.

Mudge has a wonderfully calming energy, and the steady and gentle and unhurried way that we moved through the evening toward the ceremony really helped breeze away remnants of the work day. Once he’d bought me down to a sensible and calm space we were ready to begin. He seemed to have a natural awareness of my state, even more so than myself, and it was a pleasure to allow myself to breeze into his calmer state of being before being thrust into such an energetic experience.

The process of the Kambô ceremony itself felt wonderfully safe and I was happy to submit to it fully with Mudge always a reassuring presence, always making me feel secure and cared for, that and his wonderful music and sound really help offset the brutal (and in my case, shuddering) flow of the Kambô purge!

It was still a two way experience though, and I felt he was receptive, responsive and sensitive to my needs and queries throughout.

The aftercare was something else, and is a welcome reward while recovering, and I felt truly cared for, it was very pleasant indeed, especially the amazing and much needed food at the end to send me on my way, springing to my cab!

Thanks again Mudge!


My experience of the Kambô ceremony which you facilitated was excellent, I found your unique multi-cultural and inter-faith approach to running a sacred medicinal ceremony very beneficial to be a part of. I believe you to be of very high integrity when it comes to your passion for facilitating this type of healing. I felt very safe within the ceremonial space that you created and because of my faith in your ability to hold this space, and I was able to access deeply beneficial healing states of consciousness.

Since being a part of your ceremonies I have been feeling extremely grounded and strong in my physical body. I have also been able to maintain a very clean and clear mind space. Through the combination of these healthy states of being, I have been able to maintain an open heart and powerfully live my spiritual truth, which in turn has been having very beneficial effects on the people around me.

I feel that the Kambô medicine has worked utter magic for me, in the sense that my intentions for the ceremony have been well and truly addressed in a way that I feel would not have been possible without it. Prior to the ceremonies, I was at a point in my life where I was truely ready to make changes for the better, but I was definitely holding back from actually making those changes. I feel like Kambô was exactly the catalyst needed for me to take the plunge into a much healthier, cleaner, purer and more loving state of being. 

I feel that you have a strong ability for conducting this particular type of ceremony and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others. It is clear to me that you have been deeply touched by the magic of sacred earth medicines and that you take your role as a facilitator very seriously. In my eyes this is the most important thing when it comes to working with these powerful and sacred gifts.

I very much look forward to being in ceremony with you in the future. Thank you again for your amazing work, you have helped restore a lot of faith in me surrounding the medicine community within Australia. 

Sincerely with love,


My experience of the Kambô medicine was very different to what I had imagined: the medicine was a lot more full-on physically than I expected and, in my personal experience, a lot less emotionally intense than I expected. In fact it was a lot more beautiful than I expected, I felt so immensely held in compassion and love, I felt the frog medicine working within me, clearing me, purging me, I felt an immense presence and connection to my guides… I deeply appreciated the dedicated, present, reverent, genuine and – at the right moments – light hearted way in which you held the space. It felt authentic, safe, loving, deep and clear.

A lot of inner reflecting, self contemplation and deep inner delving has taken place over the past few weeks, trying to be as present with all that has been arising and surrendering it over to be transmuted and allow space for new, fresh energies to flow into my life.

You conducted the ceremony impeccably, with such an immense sense of presence and compassion, I felt your genuine care and intention to be of service, I truly felt like I was in the presence of a medicine man, a man who has devoted himself to the path of authentically and selflessly sharing his medicine with others for the sake of the healing of all. It felt genuine and ancient. Thank you.


I found the Kambô ceremony you facilitated was very worthwhile. I felt that the purge offered a deep cleansing of the physical body and also challenged the mind in an initiatory capacity. The atmosphere and support of yourself and the group made it all the more comfortable to go through this experience in the most comfortable way possible. The day or so after the first session, I felt a bit under the weather as one could expect after having these deeper bodily toxins re-released into the bloodstream but after that I felt great – very clear of mind and body. After the second session I did’nt have this so much.

I felt the way you conducted the ceremony was very beneficial as well and kept the intention and vibration of the group focused on the task at hand. The intentions I set for the sessions I had have helped to bring about some deeper awareness and clarity with regards to their nature, so I felt that it was a good addition to the format. All in all a very worthwhile experience for those wanting to cleanse mind and body. Many thanks Mudge!


As someone who has a fair bit of experience in these realms, I’d been looking for a while for the right opportunity to work with someone I knew I could rely on and trust – to not only be able to hold space for us all but patiently and skillfully facilitate what most would consider a potentially challenging experience – and when Mudge said he was holding ceremony I jumped at it.  Having completed it and come out the other end, I am very grateful for having received this life enhancing medicine.  Thank you Mudge.


As someone who has a fair bit of experience in these realms, I’d been looking for a while for the right opportunity to work with someone I knew I could rely on and trust – to not only be able to hold space for us all but patiently and skillfully facilitate what most would consider a potentially challenging experience – and when Mudge said he was holding ceremony I jumped at it.  Having completed it and come out the other end, I am very grateful for having received this life enhancing medicine.  Thank you Mudge.


The Kambô ceremony which you facilitated was well held. A good mixture of gentle empathy and steady encouragements in overcoming whatever was intended. 

Since then I have been feeling rejuvenated. My intentions for the ceremony have been addressed in the following ways, of the strength to overcome, to sustain and fulfill every moment of my life and a remainder of the cause of such initiatory, transformative experience from the medicine.

You conducted the ceremony steadily, patiently and at ease.


My experience of the Kambô ceremony which you facilitated was amazing. This was my second Kambô session and it was surreal in context of how precisely my intention for the ceremony was addressed and how light and energetically cleansed I felt after.

Since then I have been feeling very strong physically and spiritually and the benefits have been transformative.

My intention for the ceremony was to eliminate as much fear and inculcate as much love into my being and was addressed very deeply. 

You conducted the ceremony very professionally and with sincerity and compassion for the participants and was very refreshing to see.

Thank you Mudge. Haux Haux! Much love,


Dear Mudge

My experience of the Kambô Ceremony which you facilitated was so amazing, not what I expected, super gentle and compassionate. I felt like I released aot of stuff and soon afterward felt every cell of my being regenerate. Kambô has been a special part of my healing <3

Since then I have been feeling physically and energetically a lot clearer.

My intentions for the Ceremony have been addressed in the following ways… To release me of any trauma and abuse from childhood, to clear my sexual energy of any entities and restore my being to truth.

You conducted the ceremony with grace. I felt extremly held and guided, your songs were so beautiful, the support and the explanation about each step of the process was very comforting. It was perfect 🙂


I’m just reflecting on the ceremony on Saturday and how well I thought it went and is was a privilege to be a part of it with the other and yourself. The ceremony forms a connection and bond for all taking part that is genuinely humbling and uplifting at the same time. On a personal note, a big thank you for the compassion care and kindness you gave throughout the ceremony. I love the passion you have for the Kambô ceremony and the respect for it’s origins and spiritual being.

So it was my first Kambô experience and I believe it was meant to happen for me and I believe it was meant to happen with yourself conducting the ceremony. I was apprehensive before the ceremony because all I had to refer to was other people’s experiences and the only way one finds out properly is doing it themselves.

From talking to others and going on my own instincts I was able to to place my complete trust in you Mudge which doesn’t come easy. Thank you for protecting that trust. It was a challenging and testing ceremony which I entered respecting the spiritual sanctity of the Kambô.

Even with my head deep in the bucket – feeling turned inside out – I was aware of your guidance and care. The Kambô ceremony along with the ayahuasca ceremonies I’ve attended this year have taken me on a journey which I believe was meant to happen for whatever reason and I can only describe it as a feeling like finding my way back home after being away a long time.

Once again Mudge a big thank you. Best wishes and blessings…


Hello Mudge, thank you very very much for everything on Thursday. You and the people around you were really supportive, and I cannot thank you enough for facilitating my journey towards healing. A large part of my deep-seated fears are gone. When I think about my childhood, I don’t choke up and my chest and heart doesn’t feel tight anymore. I can only give you my deepest gratitude and best wishes. Blessings.


I attended three of the Kambô ceremonies, facilitated by you, in a one Lunar Cycle. After the first ceremony, I rode my bike home. As I was riding home I couldn’t stop smiling and I felt like everyone I passed on the way home was smiling back at me, I also had the Kambô song in my head which only made me smile even more. The feeling I experienced was quite similar to when I would go for a run and the natural endorphins in my body were released.

The second Ceremony was a completely different experience for me. I had a lot of anxiety, even though I was around two people who were completely chilled out and excepting individuals… The anxiety stayed with me all the way home. When I reached home I sat on my bed trying to figure out what the hell was going on with me, I remember thinking to myself, this anxious feeling was the same as I experience when I use meth, it sucked! Over the next couple of days the anxiety continued only a little less but I could still feel it. I called to tell you of my experience and you told me something that really helped. You told me something like, things will come up that need to be let go of. This made so much sense to me. My reason for taking part in the Kambô ceremonies was to help me to stop using meth. Things sort of clicked after you told me this and I think I must have let go, I felt like all the tension had lifted.

The third Ceremony was really intense. There I was, staring at the computer screen, into the giant tree monkey frogs eyes as I had done the previous two ceremonies, when I had a massive purge (sorry to be graphic) from both ends, I passed out on the way to the toilet. After the nausea had passed, I felt like a “Kambô Rambo”. I felt frickin amazing. I wanted to give everyone a hug, I think I did just that very thing. I felt strong and confident and ready to take on any challenge put before me. I felt great!!!

After completing the three Kambô ceremonies I completely stopped using meth for a period of about one month. In this period of time I observed my friends around me that use meth, especially my partner being the closest person to me. I was a witness to how meth tricks you subconsciously that your life is somehow better and more exciting when your using, when its really doing the reverse. Kambô gave me this window to really see what I’ve been doing to myself, it really opened my eyes.

I feel my intentions for the ceremony have  been met. The one month abstinence from meth gave me the opportunity to truly see the path I was taking in my life. It didn’t show me in a way that scared me, rather, it was a relaxed process, merely showing me where I have come from and really knowing I have a choice for a better, happier, healthier, more exciting life. Although Kambô wasn’t the solution or miracle cure to my drug addiction, it did definitely help with giving me a window of time where it enabled me an awareness of another option, a better path to take.

I felt completely at ease during the ceremonies and was extremely comfortable with the way they were conducted by you. The whole process; i.e. what the medicine was, where it came from, how it was administered and the possible things I may experience during the ceremony was explained to me in a way I could understand, which a hell of a lot more than you get from some GP visits.

Big hugs, Haux Haux


I want to say a big thank you for the opportunity to have had an amazing journey with the Frog Medicine. I am so grateful to the Frog and to you Mudge for your compassion and guidance as we experienced intense moments to release what we had to release. I think it’s wonderful how you do your ceremonies where everyone holds space of compassion for everyone, it’s an amazing feeling to feel safe and trust with people you don’t know. I would love to continue with further Kambô ceremonies in the future.


Mudge was recommended to me by a shaman from Brazil as a trusted practitioner so I have no concerns about his abilities.  Mudge has many years of experience working with the sacred frog medicine.  He shows compassion, love and sensitivity during the whole ceremony, keeping me informed throughout of what is going on.  He holds the space beautifully and sings and plays his guitar from the heart.  It was my first time with the frog and I felt safe and at peace at all times.  Thank you Mudge for welcoming me into your home and finishing with that amazing soup, I’ll be back for more.


Work with Kambô is not easy and the demands on the body are really big, being gentle with yourself it’s as important as the whole experience itself.

Mudge knows the traditional ways of working with this powerful medicine and that fact made me feel at ease during my private ceremony. As the medicines that powerful should not be experimented with but instead used in the same way as indigenous use them. Unfortunately more and more often we can see people doing it western world way which might end up with serious complications.

Mudge prepares you to receive Kambô with the traditional juice that sucks up toxins more effectively then water in my experience, during receiving Kambô Mudge sung songs which was really helpful as a guidance and towards the end portion of Sananga cleared the vision and awaken tender energy.

In my previous experience I always struggled with burns from the points where Kambô was served but Mudge applied dragons blood “an antiseptic liquid rubber that sealed the wounds” and sped up the healing. Overall experience could not be better and I will definitely visit Mudge again for interesting chat, medicine and delicious soup 😉


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